Having been in business for over 15 years in the GTA, we believe in practical and cost-effective systems that meet today’s needs.

We also make planning and budgeting easy for you by providing detailed quotes that can be adjusted to suit any budget or design. Understanding the importance of scheduling in construction, we hire only reliable technicians who are highly qualified, getting the job done on time.

Whether you need a residential security camera installation or an entire commercial surveillance system, we can customize your Security Cameras to meet your needs, starting at design and rough-in right through to the installation of new systems or replacing the existing systems with updated equipment. We provide all leading brands of Security Camera Systems.

When it comes to the installation of CCTV and camera systems, having expert experienced technicians is absolutely essential. System components are relatively easily replaced, but your installation is permanent, and any subsequent problems arising from the poor installation are difficult to diagnose and locate, and expensive to fix. Particularly, installation in a home with a finished basement could be very tricky and requires not only a qualified technician but one very experienced with fishing and installing wiring. And the same is equally true for the Security Camera System installation a commercial application or office or retail store.

Serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 years we have a large network of technicians which allows us to assign the project to exactly the right technicians for your installation.

For example, for homes with a finished basement, we’ll send a crew who are experts in installing and fishing wiring and depending on the project scope, they may not even need to be Security Camera technicians. Once the cabling is done, we’ll send technicians who are experts in installation and commissioning (performance and quality testing to ensure full functionality and proper operation) of your security camera systems. In some cases, we may send an IT specialist to network the system, install the app, and set it up on your phones and devices.

Whether you need a few cameras for your residence, or an entire commercial Security Camera System installation, we install and service them all. Call or email us now and get your security system project installed by the experts, done the right way first time and every time, and at reasonable prices.

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