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Why install security cameras for homes and businesses?

With the way people are installing security cameras in their houses and business premises these days, someone might begin to question the benefits of such huge investment- Is it only for security sake? Or it is to classify themselves among the wealthy ones. Maybe if all could see more tangible reasons for the installation of security cameras, then there will be less criticizing of those who are ready to spend their money on the safety of their life and properties. And then, people willfully confide in trusted companies like delta security solutions in Toronto to handle their installation services.


The following are the reasons for installing security cameras in your home and business premises.

  • It prevents crime and vandalism

Theft stays away from a building with surveillance cameras because they knew there is a tendency of being caught on tape through which they would be tracked down and arrested. Therefore, they look elsewhere into places without security cameras. These cameras will enable you to notice any suspicious movement around your house or business premises. Thereby an early call to the police will prevent potential crime and deter any act of vandalism.

  • For monitoring

From movies, you see that in case of any crime or there is a need to monitor any movement within the premises of a company, the computer is been consulted. The surveillance cameras are very helpful in monitoring every nook and cranny of your business premises or home. It is even much efficient to man because it never gets tired and captures all the details of the scene. Even in big and heavily guarded houses, some security men are stationed at the computers to monitor all the activities captured by the small CCTV cameras.

  • Safety of the workers

Where there is security, the safety of lives is assured. These devices will help employers monitor and ensure the safety of the employees. With the safety camera in your business premises, the employer can truly investigate if any machine or equipment is endangering or causing harm to their employees. Meanwhile, there is this courage built in the employees on knowing that any upcoming crime will be detected before it takes place.

  • It helps in monitoring productivity and employees misbehavior

Video surveillance for business does serve as the eyes and ears for employees. By having a securities camera in your workplace, you can monitor the productivity of your staff when you are not around. From which, you will be able to notice the sources of loss, embezzlement, and wastage of resources.

Meanwhile, using a surveillance camera is the best method for observing the employer's misconduct during working hours. Not only their attitude to work is revealed by the cameras, but it also showcases their reactions to customers and their negligence to work ethics and policies. It can also be a method by which an employee note if his staff is taking care of tools and keep to the correct operations of machinery.

  • It helps prove a business innocence in a lawsuit

Lawsuits may come from customers and employees. And most of them are usually cooked up by competitors or staff to tarnish the image of your business. It does come in various forms. Maybe customer harassment, or employees complaining about poor safety facility or cruelty of the employer. Whichever may be the case, a video surveillance footage captured by the cameras can serve as evidence to prove the falsity of their allegation.

  • It allows you to overseer your property from your comfort zone

Security cameras for homes offer a less stressful method for viewing the perimeter of your property when there is suspicious movement. Meanwhile, one camera positioned at your doorstep will help you identify the visitors from inside the house without having to open your door. Through this, you can discover if they are planning to hurt you and your family.

  • Less expensive to install and maintain

Whether it's a security camera for homes or video surveillance for businesses, it takes a lesser amount to install and maintain compared to a security guard. This investment no matter how costly it may seem at first saves money than depending on manpower to watch every hidden part of your home or business premises.

Now that you have enough reasons to justify the installation of a securities camera for your home and company. It's time to source for professionals to handle the safety of your home and business-it's time to consult Delta Security Solution. The company is specialized in the design of video surveillance systems and security camera installation in Toronto. 

CCTV Security Video Surveillance
Intrusion Alarm Systems
Full Home Automation

The Security Video Surveillance (CCTV) system is a set of devices (cameras,recorder etc) that allow you to monitor your property locally and remotely 24 hours a day. 

Modern CCTV has many positive aspects for both the small business and household.

In addition to well-known and obvious safety features, video monitoring provides proactive protection of your property.

Our company has over 15 years of experience in design and installations of security alarm systems. From basic wireless system to large and complex commercial alarm system,we can do it all.We also provide monitoring services 

Security alarm systems is the great detterent and can significantly decrease losses or property damage.

Home automation can include the scheduling and automatic operation of water sprinkling, heating and air conditioning, window coverings, security systems, lighting, and food preparation appliances.

Audio Visual Distribution & Control
Custom Home Theatres
Networking and
IT Services

Our highly qualified AV technicians capable of making your home or business integrated with audio and video devices, screens, speakers, etc. It is also possible to make your home system internet accessible to enable remote access. 

Built-in speakers, receivers, wireless speakers, outdoor patio speakers...the list goes on.

We can design and implement the best audio system for your home or business. 

Networks and internet access is crucial  for any household. We design and deploy hardwired and wireless networks as well as provide IT services.

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