Remote video surveillance for your home or business

Updated: Jun 16

Remote video surveillance and monitoring are becoming more popular every day, and with the advent of special cloud services, its availability is growing. Thanks to remote access, it is possible to monitor your property online from anywhere in the world. All that will be necessary for this is the availability of Internet access. Today, the implementation of this kind of video surveillance is available both for large organizations and for private use.

Remote video surveillance or CCTV security cameras system can be useful in different life situations, for example, for organizing surveillance at a summer cottage, for monitoring the actions of a nanny taking care of a child, for workers during repairs or building a house - there can be many situations.

To install equipment and configure remote access to security cameras, we first need to connect all parts of the system into a single whole and install the cameras in their places of permanent residence. We install cameras so that in the future it will be possible to easily identify the faces of all people who fall under their review. For this, it is necessary to determine the optimal installation height, as well as to select devices with the necessary focal length and viewing angle in advance. To ensure the best quality today, it is better to buy IP cameras with high-resolution images.

After installing the cameras, we need to connect them to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) via CAT5 or Siamese cable.

No video surveillance system based on a DVR or IP cameras with the ability to archive video recordings can do it without one very important element - a hard drive. To conduct the continuous recording of the video stream, as well as to avoid possible malfunctions, it is recommended to use special drives specially adapted for the needs of video surveillance. The hard drive for video surveillance has all the necessary characteristics: the possibility of continuous recording and round-the-clock operation, support for HD cameras, resistance to loads and voltage surges.

The main criteria for choosing a suitable drive for video information is the ability to continuously record around the clock - 24/7/365 in several video streams, i.e., virtually around the clock throughout the year. An ordinary computer hard drive is designed for light loads and is designed for a standard operating time - 8 hours a day / 5 days a week. When you connect such a drive to a security camera system, it begins to undergo increased loads, which it is absolutely not designed for, so such a device will very quickly fail. In addition, simple computer storage devices have a number of limitations that do not allow their use in a relatively large security video surveillance system.

Next, we connect our entire system to a router and make all the necessary settings: port forwarding, security camera settings, etc.

After connecting the system to the internet and bringing the system online, we are able to view cameras remotely via a mobile app on your phone or tablet or via any computer that is connected to the internet.

A fairly common problem in of a security cameras system installation is the occurrence of various kinds of interference that can be caused by the poor-quality connection of system elements, improper grounding, or another reason that can be determined only after familiarizing yourself with the main factors causing interference in the CCTV security cameras system.

The most common causes affecting image quality are the following factors:

Improper grounding or lack thereof;

Poor connection or poor quality connectors;

Broken or damaged cable;

The presence in the immediate vicinity of the cable laying of radio dots, radiotelephones, microwave ovens, and other technical means that can affect the signal;

Pulses of fluorescent lamps, power supplies of third-party devices;

The influence of a third-party spurious signal.

The best solution is to hire the professional for your security cameras installation.

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