Security cameras in retail,commercial or industrial facilities

Updated: Nov 16

The most important advantage of installing a video surveillance system is the prevention of crime. The cameras only make it clear to their malefactors that it will not be possible to commit a crime without punishment. Seeing the cameras, the person who decided to commit a crime will lose all desire, and most likely he will give up his idea. The risk of an attacker's visit to a place without observation is much greater than that of the protected objects. Prevention of theft. Just imagine what losses retail networks and small and medium business networks suffer. And because today's situation helps to quickly sell stolen goods, the number of thefts and criminals is not calculated in dozens, or even in hundreds. It has long been proven on multiple examples that when installing video surveillance thefts are reduced by two or more times.

Improves employee productivity. Many managers often face such a problem as low productivity of workers. When installing cameras, this problem is solved, as it disciplines, and thus has a beneficial effect on the work of the company. Reduction of false claims. Unfortunately, in practice there are also unscrupulous employees who try in every way to benefit from the company, claiming various false encroachments, which subsequently affect negatively on business.

Protects intellectual property. If you choose the right strategy for placing cameras, you can prevent the theft of personal confidential information. Can be controlled remotely via the Internet. Modern software allows you to view multiple objects remotely at the same time. So you can watch your accommodation during your holidays and business trips. Marketing. Many trade representatives use video surveillance to study consumer behavior. And in the future they use this information to improve their sales. Alarm check. Video surveillance can help prevent false calls, as it will be possible to see in detail what the alarm triggers. Method of proving the offense. Recording from surveillance cameras is irrefutable evidence that will help prove the guilt or innocence of a person. And this is not all the benefits that video surveillance can provide. In business, it's much easier to spend money on video cameras, than in the future constantly lose losses. Therefore, this practice is very popular.