Security Cameras for Transportation and Logistics Companies in Toronto and GTA

Updated: Apr 17

The security cameras system solves a number of important tasks for ensuring enterprise security: monitoring the property online, recording and archiving data from cameras for subsequent work with them, and if needed monitoring technological processes in rooms where a person is unacceptable.

This technically sophisticated equipment is installed where there is a danger of material damage, information leakage, a possible threat to the life and health of employees. The well-being and competitiveness of the entire company sometimes depend on the adequate operation of the system. In serious enterprises, the video surveillance system is a whole network of video cameras, a powerful video recorder, monitors, where images and auxiliary elements are displayed: cables, power supplies, brackets, etc. In order for all these devices to function smoothly and last as long as possible, regular maintenance of video surveillance systems is necessary. The desire to save on it in 90% of cases leads to breakdowns and repair of video surveillance systems, which is much more expensive, especially if the replacement of elements is required.


Delta Security Solutions designs and installs security camera systems, security video surveillance systems (CCTV and IP) for trucking, transportation and logistics companies in Toronto and GTA. Also, we offer 24/7/365 live remote monitoring - we watching over your property 24 hours a day and will notify you or police of any suspicious activity!

Delta Security Solutions designed and installed a High Definition (4MP 2K) security video surveillance system for our client - transportation and logistics company in Vaughan. If you are looking to secure your trucking business, contact us today!

Let us help protect your business and give you peace of mind.