Prevent slip and fall scams at your business

Updated: Apr 15

Slip and fall scams...

How Does It Work?

A basic slip and fall accident scam starts with criminals choosing smaller retail stores that usually do not have extensive video surveillance systems. A fake victim goes into the store and claims a serious injury from a fall. Since there are no cameras in the area the accident occurred (or did not occur), the store owner is forced to agree that a claim must be filed.

Every business owner needs to invest in the security cameras system. It will pay off in long term, possibly sooner rather than later.

Delta Security Solutions can design the security video surveillance system to protect or observe all entrances , hallways and other areas of your business or retail shop.

We will install cameras and video surveillance server with internal memory,so all the activities will be recorded and stored into the internal memory of security video surveillance's system recorder.

The video footage can be easily retrieved from the video recorder and saved into external memory device or computer as well as DVD disk if needed.

Once you have a video footage of the incident,it would be easy to prove if scam occurred.

If you need the security cameras system designed and installed at your business or retail store,please call Delta Security Solutions today.

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