What to consider before installing CCTV system?

Updated: Apr 17

If you are considering security cameras, it’s important to understand the different options out there. It’s also very important to consider your needs, which will likely be different than just about anyone else’s.

• What area do you want to cover? The size and shape of the area you’re planning on covering will determine a lot about the camera set-up that you require. A very large area, an area with many rooms or a location with lots of nooks and crannies will likely require more cameras than a smaller area or a single room. • What are the lighting conditions? Will your cameras be working in low-light conditions? Is there a lot of bright sunlight that could negatively affect the quality of the footage? Do conditions change throughout the day? These are all facts to keep in mind. • How much video storage is required? How long would you like to retain video footage from security cameras? Modern security video surveillance systems can record and keep video footage for anywhere from 10 days up to few month, depending on system setup and customer’s needs.

• Do you want remote access? Many modern security cameras can be remotely accessed from smart phones, tablets and computers. Do you want to be able to view the cameras remotely from your devices?

• Do you want central monitoring? Another good security choice is to have security cameras installed that are connected to a central monitoring station. If a trouble condition is detected, station staff can log in and view your cameras, giving them important details about the situation taking place. For more information on having security cameras installed and details on the cameras and security services that we offer, please contact a member of our loss prevention team today.