Home security system in Canada

Updated: Oct 18

What is the Home security camera system?

The home security system consists of security cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs) and Hard Drive to store video footage. Home security video recorders allow monitoring both locally, being at your property, and remotely via the Internet using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

When choosing equipment for video surveillance for a private house, the main criterion that needs to be guided is expediency. For what specific purposes do you plan to use it? This is a question to start with. The answer to it will help you understand how many cameras you need, what additional functions you will need.

The size of the house and back yard is the main factor that you need to focus on. Knowing the tasks that you plan to solve with the help of video surveillance, you can proceed to the selection of specific equipment. Here you need to take into account the above specifications - camera resolution, matrix type, photosensitivity, reliability, etc., and also take into account the manufacturer to buy high-quality devices.

What is video resolution in a Home security system?

The resolution affects the quality of the resulting image. The higher it is, the sharper the picture, you can even see small details. Modern cameras have a resolution of 2 MP to 5 MP or higher. Therefore, it is advisable to buy cameras based on their intended use. If the high image quality is critical for you, choose a device with a resolution of or Full HD (1080P) or higher.

Most home security systems that we sell have HD1080P (2MP) resolution. In most cases, this resolution is good enough to monitor the property. Also, we may offer 4MP or 8MP home security camera systems.

Choosing the right contractor for your home security system.

Choose the security systems company carefully and do your homework: read online reviews and verify how long the company has been in business. Remember that service and maintenance work will likely be required. Make sure to choose a reputable company that has liability insurance and is WSIB (Work Safety Insurance Board) complaint.

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