Commercial CCTV security cameras system upgrade

Updated: Jun 16

What is the security video surveillance or security camera system upgrade?

The “system upgrade” or “modernization” is the replacement of any elements of security cameras system to restore performance, or to improve quality characteristics or functionality of security cameras system. For example, this includes adding new security cameras or replacing existing security cameras with security cameras with a higher resolution.

Sometimes modernization is global, all active equipment including security cameras, DVR or NVR changes, and sometimes the cabling needs to be replaced.

Here are the few scenarios of security cameras system upgrades:

Replacing only existing cameras

Replacing only existing security cameras (not working or with low resolution) using the rest of the infrastructure and technology. Usually, you may only be able to do so if you only replace security cameras due to cameras being faulty. Those cameras have to be the same resolution as the existing security cameras as the receiver (DVR or NVR) will not be able to display cameras with higher resolution or security cameras that use different connection technology.

Replacement of cameras and DVR, cable system remains

If you plan to replace all active equipment, that is, cameras and a video server, then the type of cable that you already have laid on you can impose restrictions on the choice of devices: if it is coaxial, then it is only an analog of the old generation or TVI, and if it is twisted 5e pair cat. (most often this type of twisted pair is used), then you can install both digital and analog equipment. The type of cable does not affect the maximum possible resolution. That would be the most likely scenario for most security cameras systems out there.

Replacing cameras, power supply and cable lines

Replacing the cable system is the most expensive upgrade as it would be brand new installation : whole cabling would have to be replaced, new security cameras would need to be installed and new DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (Network Video Recorder) would need to be installed too.

We have been contacted by this company due to the poor quality of their existing analog CCTV security video surveillance system.

Delta Security Solutions have proposed to upgrade their existing system with HD video surveillance system using existing cabling.

It saved significant amount as re wiring the plant would have been a really challenging task. We have upgraded existing system with new High Definition cameras and recorder and added a few High Definition cameras in some areas.

If you have an old analog CCTV system and looking to upgrade, give us a call and we will do our best to save you money with the new CCTV security camera system upgrade!

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