Why install Video surveillance systems for the warehouse and distribution centre?

Updated: Oct 30

Why install Video surveillance systems for the warehouse and distribution center?

The warehouse is one of the most “vulnerable” premises of the enterprise: theft of property by unauthorized people, the wrong sorting of goods, theft from the company's employees and even a banal shortcoming - all this requires careful and regular monitoring, which is possible only with video surveillance systems. Their presence improves the discipline of the working team, teaching the staff not only to carry out their work in good faith but also to arrive on time, monitor the state of the stored products and not only.

The main problem for warehouse owners when ordering this system is the complexity of installation. Apart from the fact that the installation will require an analysis of the parameters of the warehouse and all adjacent territories, it is necessary to take into account the features of the selected camera model, the layout of the building, the project of security cameras wiring and other characteristics.

Hiring the professional and experienced security systems contractor is important.

Proper security cameras system design and system implementation is a key.

Improperly designed and installed system defeats the purpose of security camera system : monitoring and recording all activities and having as less 'blind spots' as possible.

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