Commercial security cameras systems design and installation

Updated: Nov 16

Delta Security Solutions has more than a decade of experience providing high-quality residential and commercial security systems installation services. We offer state-of-the-art technology, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

Our specialty is design and installation of commercial security cameras system. Bellow you can see a steps that we take to design and install security video surveillance systems.

Organization of a video surveillance system for commercial properties

A video surveillance system can be organized in various ways, for this you need to decide on several points: the area and perimeters of the protected object, the number and types of video cameras and receiving monitors, the method of transmission, recording, storage of video information, the presence of night video and audio recording, the choice of a centralized or distributed architecture, integration with other software systems, the acceptable cost of the system.

Design of commercial security cameras system

After the customer has decided on a number locations of security cameras and other equipment related to security video surveillance system need to proceed with the following tasks:

Defining the architecture of a video surveillance system;

The choice of its capacity, taking into account the possible further development of the system, including the capacity of the data warehouse;

Selection of compatible equipment that meets the wishes of the customer and the requirements of regulatory standards;

Calculation of viewing angles, illumination, temperature conditions and the selection of appropriate lenses;

Installation of commercial security video surveillance system

Installation of a commercial video surveillance system is nothing more than an assembly in strict accordance with an approved working draft, which should only be carried out by professionals. The complexity of the installation work can vary significantly, due to the scale of the installation of the video surveillance system, working conditions at the facility (season, time of day, street or building, high-altitude or ground work, access to hard-to-reach areas, the need to install additional equipment or use special equipment).

In general, the installation of a video surveillance system is:

Laying cable lines and gateways;

Delivery and installation of equipment;

Combining all elements of the system, creating a single monitoring structure and a center for processing information flows;

Installation and configuration of software, taking into account the peculiarities of integration and applicable platforms;

Testing for protection against unauthorized access, fine-tuning the entire complex of video surveillance and final diagnostics of the system;

Briefing personnel who will work with a video surveillance system.

Surveillance complex delivery to the customer.

We take great pride in our attention to client needs, staying up to date with regular training in the latest technologies. We use only local suppliers of products, local technical support teams and providing professional installation combined with outstanding post-installation service.

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