The Benefits of Video Intercom System for Homes or Businesses

As the home or business owner, providing a safe living or working environment for your family or employees is a top priority. By installing a video intercom system (aka video doorbell system) at the entrance of your home or business will allow your family member or business associate to view who is trying to access the house or business location.

While common visitors may include family members, friends, delivery personnel, or employees, there are instances where someone is trying to access the building that should not be in the building or may even pose a threat. A video intercom system empowers your family members or employees to provide or deny access to visitors depending on whether they feel comfortable letting them into home or business.



How Video Intercom System Works

Home or Business Video intercom systems provide the simple two-way video and audio communication that is as simple as the press of a button.

When a visitor wishes to access the home or business, they will press the button at the outdoor intercom unit. After pressing the button at the video intercom unit, the camera will be activated displaying a live video and audio feed of who is at the entrance of your home or business. The indoor video monitor will display will turn on displaying live video feed from the outdoor video intercom unit.

 When communicating with the visitor, you will be able to see the visitor and to communicate with the visitor. Also, you will be able to control the volume and adjust the brightness on the camera for clearer viewing directly from the monitor inside their unit.

Whether you looking for a residential video intercom system for your home or video intercom system for your business, Delta Security Solutions can help. We offer color video intercom systems with an outdoor doorbell camera and an indoor color video monitor. Outdoor doorbell cameras will be conveniently located by the front entrance of your home or business and indoor video monitors can be placed inside the home or inside your business.

Delta Security Solutions oversees the entire process when installing a home video intercom or business video intercom system including the initial installation, setup, and training, as well as continued service and maintenance of the system.

Would you like to see who is at the front entrance of your home or businessbefore opening the door?

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