Delta Security Solutions


Delta Security Solutions is a leading provider of security solutions services in Toronto, Ontario. 


Our team has over 35 years of combined experience and led by highly experienced and qualified security systems professionals.


We take great pride in integrating our skills and knowledge with cutting edge technology in the world of physical security to provide our customers with the best security systems solutions.


We specialize in design, service, and installations of Security Video Surveillance systems.


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Why Choose Delta Security Solutions?

  • Innovative mindset

Are you looking for a team that will fashion out a way where others think it's not possible? Then, you have not to make a mistake contacting this company. We possess the experienced and ingenious personalities in this discipline. Our team, consisting of people in the various discipline will help you design and create a non-complicated digital security solution for your homes and business premises. The company is recognized for its dynamism and quick adoption of the newest technology to ensure the safety of lives and property. Offering digital security solution, and blending manpower and digital devices to work effectively is our specialization, purpose, and ambition. Therefore, let's give you the peace you deserve.

  • Government-approved

The company is fully authorized by the necessary bodies in the country to perform its operations. Our technicians belong to the Canadian Alarm and Security Association (CANASA). And for our expertise in the field, the company is awarded the most major alarm and security manufacturers in North America and Europe. Do you see that we are not boasting by referring to ourselves as the most trusted digital security company in the country and continent at large? Moreover, we possess insurance liability and are guided by the regulation of the WSIB.

  • Reliability

Our team and achievements in this field speak of our reliability. So also did our previous works and expertise tell of how much you should be confident in us. We have been in the business for over 15 years and have served over 2500 customers within the time frame. Therefore, expect nothing less than outstanding results from the qualities of our services.

  • Tested and trusted

Thousands of positive reviews from our customers has said it all. Delta Security Solution is highly recognized for satisfactory results. Moreover, our previous works are advertising for us. And our customers never stop convincing others to patronize us for their security cameras. We won't stop until we extend that services to you and every other citizen of Toronto and its neighboring cities.



Our Mission

To consistently exceed the expectation

of our customers by offering

the best video surveillance,

security systems or

automation solutions.


Delta Security strives

to offer the best products

and services to fulfill

our customers’ needs

through exceptional design,

installation, and service.


Delta Security Solutions provides innovative solutions in digital video surveillance security and physical security fields. Empowered by the experience of its multidisciplinary team, Delta Security Solutions has become the top provider for customers that want to feel at ease with this new digital security technology.

Delta Security Solutions is WSIB compliant and carries liability insurance. Our technicians are certified with the Canadian Alarm and Security Association (CANASA) and are certified with most major alarm and security manufacturers in North America and Europe.

Delta Security Solutions specializes in design, project management, and the installation of security, automation and communications equipment. We have over 15 years of hands-on experience in physical security and telecommunication fields.

Delta Security Solutions’ relentless commitment to impeccable service resulted in a substantial increase in shares of a highly competitive market.


Our customers love us and we have hundreds of reviews to back it up!

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