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Delta Security Solutions is a full-service security camera systems installation company serving the Greater Toronto Area.

We pride ourselves on professional design, installations & service of security cameras, video surveillance systems, access control systems, intercoms systems, and security alarms.

 Our professional and knowledgeable security camera systems installation technicians will assist you in providing affordable home security camera systems, commercial security camera systems, and video surveillance installations for homeowners, business owners, property owners, and commercial property management companies in the Greater Toronto area.

 With more than 15 years of experience servicing security cameras systems and video surveillance in over two thousand residential homes and commercial buildings, Delta Security Solutions is able to create safer homes and business environments through the installation of both indoor and outdoor security cameras, intercom systems, and door card access systems. Our surveillance camera systems / CCTV security camera systems help local businesses and real estate management companies who manage properties reduce theft, vandalism, and shrinkage while protecting profits. Our security system products & installations most often include access control systems and video intercoms to ensure several layers of building security.​

If you are looking to buy and install security cameras and security systems from a professional, reliable, and experienced company, please contact us today.

Delta security Solutions have performed over 2500 security cameras installations for residential and commercial customers and we have many positive reviews. 




Are you looking for a team that will fashion out a way where others think it's not possible? Then, you have not to make a mistake contacting this company. We possess the experienced and ingenious personalities in this discipline. Our team, consisting of people in the various discipline will help you design and create a non-complicated digital security solution for your homes and business premises. The company is recognized for its dynamism and quick adoption of the newest technology to ensure the safety of lives and property. Offering digital security solution, and blending manpower and digital devices to work effectively is our specialization, purpose, and ambition. Therefore, let's give you the peace you deserve.


Our team and achievements in this field speak of our reliability. So also did our previous works and expertise tell of how much you should be confident in us. We have been in the business for over 15 years and have served over 2500 customers within the time frame. Therefore, expect nothing less than outstanding results from the qualities of our services.


Thousands of positive reviews from our customers has said it all. Delta Security Solution is highly recognized for satisfactory results. Moreover, our previous works are advertising for us. And our customers never stop convincing others to patronize us for their security cameras. We won't stop until we extend that services to you and every other citizen of Toronto and its neighboring cities.




Our consultant will provide the professional opinion regarding security system at your premise


Our designers will design the security system to suit your needs and fit your budget


Out experienced installation technicians will install the security system according to project scope


We will provide service to keep your security system up and running without any issues




What is one of the things you value most in your life? Surely, your safety, along with that of your loved ones. At times we only manage to realize how important safety and peace of mind are when negative occurrences take place. However, precaution is always better than trying to resolve a situation after the worst happens. Wouldn’t it be better to safeguard your house or business, rather than end up suffering a robbery?

Security cameras are considered as an important installation in houses and business premises these days. While crime rates are on the rise, it is always best to be careful. Security cameras can deter criminals, while also offering various benefits to those who invest in them. Indeed a surveillance system is considered to be a form of investment, rather than a luxury as it used to be a decade or so ago.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should seriously install security cameras in your home or business premises:

-           Simply having an outdoor camera will prove to be a good way to deter anyone planning malicious activities on your property. If you have a professional CCTV system installed you will be reducing the chances of having thieves or robbers at your property significantly as they will be less likely to take the risk.

-           Should a robbery take place, you can rely on the recordings of the security cameras in your property to help the police gain evidence of who committed the crime. This can greatly increase the chances of capturing the culprits and getting back any stolen items.

-           Should a robbery take place, and an insurance claim needs to be filed, you will be able to easily validate this by means of footage you get from your security cameras.

-           Security cameras are a good way to keep an eye on who enters or leaves a building. In the case of a house, you can check on your relatives. Remote monitoring features are offering this opportunity to parents who want to check on their kids, as well as to check on pets. In the case of business premises, employers can keep track of who enters or leaves the business premises.

So as you can see a CCTV surveillance system could really offer you a myriad of benefits, apart from protecting your property. It is important to ensure that you hire a professional company to take care of your security cameras installation. This will allow you to benefit from the best security cameras on the market, as well as from experienced services relating to surveillance systems.

Delta Security Solutions specializes in this field, offering a range of services suitable for different clients and properties.


We offer both home security cameras as well as business security cameras. The company also specializes in security alarms, intercoms, and access control systems, live video monitoring, and IP video surveillance systems. We will be able to assist you in choosing the most suitable system for your property, and as an experienced and trusted CCTV system installer we guarantee that we can offer you the best surveillance solutions, both from a practical as well as from a financial point of view.



Theft stays away from a building with security and surveillance cameras because they knew there is a tendency of being caught on tape through which they would be tracked down and arrested. Therefore, they look elsewhere into places without CCTV security cameras. These security cameras will enable you to notice any suspicious activity around your house or business premises. Thereby an early call to the police will prevent potential crime and deter any act of vandalism.​


From movies, you see that in case of any crime or there is a need to monitor any activity within the premises of a business, the CCTV security cameras are being used. The security and surveillance cameras are very helpful in monitoring every nook and cranny of your business premises or home. It is even much more efficient to security guard because it never gets tired and captures all the details of the scene. 



Where there is security, the safety of lives is assured. These security cameras will help employers monitor and ensure the safety of the employees and customers. With the security camera system installed in your business premises, the employer can truly investigate if any machine or equipment is endangering or causing harm to their employees. Meanwhile, there is this courage built in the employees on knowing that any upcoming crime or incident will be detected before it takes place or properly investigated using security cameras video footage.



Security cameras and video surveillance for business do serve as the eyes and ears for employees. By having CCTV security cameras in your workplace, you can monitor the productivity of your staff when you are not around. By using remote monitoring, you will be able to notice the sources of loss, embezzlement, and wastage of resources.

Meanwhile, using a security or surveillance cameras is the best method for observing the employee's misconduct during working hours. Not only their attitude to work is revealed by the security cameras, but it also showcases their reactions to customers and their negligence to work ethics and policies. It can also be a method by which an employer note if his staff is taking care of tools, machines, etc.


Lawsuits may come from customers and employees. And most of them are usually cooked up by competitors or staff to tarnish the image of your business. It does come in various forms. Maybe customer harassment or employees complaining about poor facility safety or cruelty of the employer. Whichever may be the case, security cameras or video surveillance footage captured by the security cameras can serve as evidence to prove the falsity of their allegation.


Security cameras installed in homes or businesses offer a less stressful method for viewing the perimeter of your property when there is suspicious movement. Meanwhile, one camera positioned at your doorstep will help you identify the visitors from inside the house without having to open your door. ​​


Whether it's a security camera for homes or video surveillance for businesses, it takes a lesser amount to install and maintain compared to a security guard. This investment no matter how costly it may seem at first saves money than depending on manpower to watch every hidden part of your home or business premises.


Video monitoring, until recently, has been a reactive manner to deal with theft. Something is stolen, video footage is reviewed, and the long process of attempting to recover the stolen merchandise begins.

Delta Security Solutions has shifted the focus from reactive to proactive.

Like our competitors, we install video monitoring for at-risk sites.

But unlike other risk mitigation companies, we monitor cameras live, 24/7 – immediately alerting the proper authorities if a crime is about to take place or underway.

Your property is important to you. As such, keeping an eye on it at all times is the best way to ensure that everything is safe, sound, and operating the way it’s supposed to.

Delta Security Solutions exists to help you do just that, by offering a variety of high-tech solutions to fit all of your surveillance needs.

Delta Security Solutions' live remote property monitoring service means that no matter where your property may be located, no matter what hour of the day, you’ll always have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your site is being watched. And should something unexpected happen, you’ll have the remote-monitoring service solutions you’ll need to help set it right.

The live video monitoring service involves the constant monitoring of cameras by professionals who are always ready to respond whenever an intrusion occurs. Therefore, unlike passive monitoring where video recordings are reviewed after a crime has happened, live video monitoring involves watching the videos in real-time. This security approach is very proactive and event-driven, and the monitoring personnel will respond to the intrusion immediately after it occurs.



Increasingly, managers are incorporating electronic access-control technology into their facilities. The components of a card-operated lock system are a computer, up to 11 levels of magnetic-striped keycards, computerized card-reading door locks, and a hand-held computer that programs, interrogates, and troubleshoots door units. To open the door, the authorized person slides a card encoded with the same instructions as the door unit through the vertical slot. The computer reads the card information and opens the door if the information is valid for the door at the time.

The primary benefit of this system is flexibility. Technicians can change locks from a central computer by reprogramming the door as often as desired. The computer also records all transactions, providing a printout for administrative control of all changes.

System operators also can encode special emergency cards or master cards to give certain personnel, including security or maintenance workers, access to selected doors in a given area at a given time. Among the other advantages of this system are:

no re-keying

no liability risk of not re-keying when needed

automatic card-expiration time

the ability to open a door only during certain times

the ability to open a door only once, then canceling access

memorizing the code of the last 20 cards used to gain access

Perhaps the largest impact on maintenance activities from new-generation technology related to door hardware relates to the increased attention to selecting the most appropriate hardware, as well as closer attention to preventive-maintenance tasks that keep components working properly.

One of the more recent additions to these door-hardware components is a proximity card that uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. This card replaces magnetic, bar code, and barrier ferrite cards. It is contact-less, and one of its benefits to facilities is less wear and tear on both the cards and reader equipment.

The proximity cards can provide vehicle tracking and do not require users to stop or swipe the card. System administrators also can update a card when it is within the range of a transmitter. The technology also can provide both perimeters and building security on one card with dual frequencies.



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